My work and my teachings are about radical self- love, about fully embracing your power, about freedom, about a total awakening.

I want to set you completely free. Free from your past, from conditioning, from limiting beliefs, from fear, from pain, from judgment.

I want to connect you to your true power, to your pure light within.


I do this in various ways: Wokshops, Discussion evenings, MerKaBa mediation, Dance, Healing, Readings and Coaching.

You are always welcome to contact me to discuss if and how I can help you on your spiritual journey.


With love,


Upcoming events


7 Dec : Talk for PLG Highcliffe

on Enlightenment 7:30pm


6 January: New Year workshop, Olomouc,

Czech Republic.


tbc: Mastering your Energy, Ringwood

This is a masterclass on controlling and

working with your own energy field.


tbc: Merkaba meditation workshop, Ringwood


Contact me for details on these events.


Emptiness and Bliss


My book "Emptiness and Bliss" is out now on Amazon!

Find more information about the book here,

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Tel : 07940 465 219

Email: stefkling26@gmail.com

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