Mastering Energy, Mastering Consciousness

Upcoming events

16/17 March:    Reiki Master Training

tbc:                          Mastering your Energy workshop

tbc:                          Merkaba meditation workshop

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Emptiness and Bliss

My book "Emptiness and Bliss" is out now on Amazon!

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Stef is an awakened spiritual teacher who combines a very high level of consciousness with a pure high energy. Key principles for Stef are:

Purity, Emptiness, Bliss, Mastery, Unconditional love.

He had a deep enlightenment experience in 2015 and 2016 , that is described in his book "Emptiness and Bliss".

He works to help people find peace and happiness in their life. He offers support in a number of ways:

Individual sessions:

- Counselling (guidance) via Skype or in person.

- Healing (Reiki, Emotion Code)

- Readings 


- Merkaba meditation

- Mastering your Energy level 1 and 2.

On request:

- Space clearings

You are always welcome to contact Stef to discuss if and how he can help you on your  journey.

With love,


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